LT House renovation

The renovation of this house in Campinas - Brazil started by understanding the clients personality that had chosen to buy this residence that had separated rooms and fragmented spaces.

With nearly 225 sq meters of built area, the intervention started by demolishing and spaces reorganization, dissolving the fragmentation in order to give priority for natural light and ventilation. The demolished areas allowed the sense of unity to the spaces, visual and real connection for them.

The ground level program was organized with living and dining room, kitchen, small office, services and a patio garden. The bedrooms are all located on first level floor. The integrated area for living rooms is also a flexible layout space that can be modify a simple livig area to a movie projection room.

The used materials, simple as concrete, steel and wood are also a support for the art collection and for the antiquarian objects that the family had interest. The kitchen roof ceiling is the only special material used, and is made of perforated steel sheets.

Head Architect: Bruno Rossi

Partnership with Manaa Arquitetura

Team: Bruno Rossi | Leticia Sitta | Adriano Bueno
Marilia Giordano | Natalia Embrizi | Gustavo Bella

Location: Campinas - SP - Brasil

Project year: 2019
Finish construction: 2019

Total built area: 225 m2


Photography André Scarpa

Interior design / decoration: Manaa arquitetura